Rolling Color Blind Eyes

Black is the New Black
Orange is the Setback

Red, White, and Blue is freedom to who?
Red, White, and Blue flashes back what did I do?
Did they find out it was me who stole that candy when I was 2?
I coulda sworn I was only going 57, you sure it was 62?

Red rage causes red rain causing
White fog in my
Blue window pane

White lies covers up
Black lives that already lives in
Gray lines

Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here?

Children of Nature our Mother said we are rich
Our green is different from their green

So to feed the greedy
They starve the needy

It doesn’t matter if you are yellow, red, green, blue, pink, purple or brown
Our wings are clipped so we dream to fly but get put underground
Our gills our filled with poison so we don’t swim we drown

Our black faces use to imitate clowns but now even the clowns walk around without frowns

This ain’t being exclusive of the all lives matter movement but
This ain’t being inclusive to the all are equal conclusion

Gangs don’t wear colors as much but this color war is too hard too touch
Sensitivity has been erased from this turf
Either be a shark or get on board for this surf

Rich   Poor            White  Black    Win  Lose    Live     Die         wave after wave

Hello  Goodbye     Hate    Love      Try  Quit     Peace   Fight    which flag do you wave?

Chyna Reed is a creative writing fiction transfer student at Columbia College Chicago. Born and raised in Chicago, she indulges in the melting pot of culture, food, and art frequently. When she is not daydreaming how to change the world for the better, you can find her binge-watching shows on Netflix, lip-syncing to her favorite songs on Pandora, or escaping reality by playing video games. If she doesn’t respond, feel free to call her K. Nebula.  She also lives in a parallel universe she visits randomly.