Just Business

Somewhere, somehow

She lost herself to the guilt of society,

Lost her mind to the madness of humanity,

This self-sacrificial guilt weighed on her mind heavily.

She could not cope with the reality of pure selfish intentions.

“It’s nothing personal,” he said with a starch smile.

“It’s only because you’re a woman


Not rich

Or White.

However, you are

Christian and straight,

So we’ll cut you some slack.

Heaven forbid you’d be some


Then we’d really have to put your Black ass, I mean Negro derriere

I mean excuse me, African-American Gluteus-Maximus in prison

Since I doubt you could afford a mental institution, because after all you’d have to have some sort of post-traumatic stress from some abusive sexual past therefore making you dyke-atheist-anarchist.

But anyway

Like I said.

Nothing personal.”

Delise Vann has been writing stories since the age of ten. A graduate of DePaul University with a B.A. in Japanese, Delise is currently working at getting a second B.A. in Creative Writing at Columbia College Chicago. Delise enjoys playing the drums, blues harmonica, and painting.