Mind in Sortie

Sometimes the deep space
probe detects phenomena,
spectrally samples the real,
but others it strikes an echo.

You cannot advance the pawn
of observation into nothingness
and never encounter the rival
pawn, a mirrored mind in sortie.

So it is with grandiose thoughts
and their creators, proud species.
The law – cosmic conservation
of sentient dreams – leads inevitably

to admissible contact among
two, or two and a half, or three.
Host, parasite, ally, adversary.
Avast! or consequence!

Stephen Michael Antieau graduated from the University of Illinois in 2007. It was a bumpy ride. Now, he is a brilliant dispatcher, a writer and author, a continuing student of history, a musician, an art collector, a heavy reader, a light runner, a feeder of squirrels, and a faithful if somewhat doubtful Chicagoan. His temperament has always been slow-to-warm-up, and that also happens to be an adequate description of his writing career. He is an MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago.

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