How to gain confidence in your writing

It’s no secret that writing is an intimate and engaging piece of work. As a writer it can be difficult to confidently put work out there for any and everyone to see, which is a tricky situation since writers need readers in order to prosper.

If you are a writer and ever find yourself hiding behind your notebooks or pieces, follow these easy steps to get yourself motivated again and proud to share what you created with others.


It may sound a bit cliche but there is no better way to be happy with the results of your writing unless you practice it constantly. Writing can be a natural born talent but most of the time it is not. You can not become a professional writer in one day, so remember to always work towards improving.

Take your time

Of course one of the hardest tasks for anyone, patience. A writer must have take their time in everything they do, especially on a piece they want others to read and enjoy. Take things slow, there is no rush on greatness.

Do not compare yourself to others

It’s difficult not looking at what others are creating or writing and compare your work to theirs, but if a writer should know one thing about confidence it is that you should never beat yourself up over not writing like someone else does. Do not do this especially if the person you are comparing yourself to is someone like J.K. Rowling. A writer only has their voice and nothing else. So own it and put it into your work.


Whether it be a nonfiction or creative piece, your writing should always have research to back it up. Do not just write on a whim and hope for the best. Again, take your time to really engage with the work and focus on making it the best that it can be.

Be passionate

The easiest way to be confident in what you are writing is to to absolutely love what it is you are writing about. There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to write something you have no interest or investment in. Ask yourself if your words directly describe who you are and what you are aiming for. A passionate writer makes for a passionate reader.

Author: Kendall Polidori

Music Journalism | Managing Editor for the Chronicle | Staff Writer for Honey Punch Magazine | Photography

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