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sea monster sweaters copy
Cover image: Mikayla Caudill

Published on May 29th, 2017

Editor’s Note

I’ve never been one for leadership roles – so when I started as managing editor at the Publishing Lab this school year, I had pretty much no idea what I was doing. I’d only worked at the Lab for one semester previous, I’d be getting an entirely new team of people to oversee, and I was still trying to juggle a full load of classes.

You can imagine what this could do to an anxious person like me.

But now that I’m graduated, I can look back and tell you: It really wasn’t that bad. In fact, working at the Lab has been an amazing experience, and I’m very proud of what the team has been able to accomplish. Among other things, we started genre-specific issues to give those writers a home at Columbia. We improved the Lab’s outreach to classes and on social media. We helped students edit and find homes for their work. And, after a lot of graphic design effort, we finally dressed up the bulletin board on the 8th floor! What a masterpiece!

It’s been a pleasure working with all the editors over the past months – Anna, Kristen, Courtney, Celeste, Nikki, Kamesha, Boston John, Raleigh John, Melaina, and Lexi. Shout-out to Patty McNair and Deb Siegel for their guidance. I’m thankful to have had my staff’s help in this endeavor, and I know they’ll go on to great things. The Publishing Lab can only improve from here. I’m just glad I had a hand in it.

All the best,

Dahazee Flores
Editor in Chief



The Dolls of Bogle Street by David M. Sula

The Dragon’s Lament by Rachel A. Schrock

Flight of the Valkyries by Rachel A. Schrock

Sea Monster Sweaters by Mikayla Caudill

Sea Monsters Sweaters (Cover Image) by Mikayla Caudill

I’m a Dork in Every Universe by David Olszowy

A Break-Up Sonnet from Enceladus by Rachel A. Schrock