genre – fall 2016


Published January 23rd, 2017

Editor’s Note

In spring of 2016, The Publishing Lab collaborated with Myth-Ink (Columbia’s genre writing club) to publish a genre issue. Stories with a “fantastical element” were sought – and found – among those talented sci-fi, horror, and fantasy writers populating our department. It was so successful that we brought the issue back, this time expanding our call to include mystery, young adult, historical fiction, and speculative fiction. To our excitement, we received submissions in all of those areas, and are pleased to present our selections for your enjoyment.

Often, people question the merit of genre writing – but like any other form, it has its ups and downs. I read a quote about fantasy once (bear with me, because I think this applies to other work too) that said something along the lines of “Fantasy tackles big ideas, like good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. It tells tale of people saving the world. Doing what we believe the impossible. Fantasy, then, is not escapism. Fantasy is defiant.”

As I said in a previous editor’s note, we’re facing difficult times. So create, in whatever form that may be. Save someone or something. Save yourself. For me, genre is at its best when love perseveres in the face of adversity.

The world needs your defiance more than ever.

Thanks to my fellow editors, John Stadelman, Kristen Nichols, Anna Mortiz, Celeste Paed, Nicole Macahon, and Leah Boykin, for their work on this issue.

Dahazee Flores
Editor in Chief



Ed, The Innocent by Nikki Fier

Object by Stephen Michael Antieau

Alien Girl by Ashlee Bond-Richardson

Remedial Alchemistry by David Olszowy

The Illustrator by Courtney V. Cusack

Mind in Sortie by Stephen Michael Antieau

Return, Odysseus by Maria Schrater

Light Queen by Ashlee Bond-Richardson

Body Meet by Stephen Michael Antieau

Flight by Courtney V. Cusack

Full Circle by Courtney V. Cusack

The Boy Who Would Be Cool by J. Quentin Murray

Dual Dynasties by Courtney V. Cusack

Uncommon Destinies by Maria Schrater

Dream Portals by Hector Rasgado