Celeste Paed – Editor-in-Chief (Head Fiction Editor) is a senior fiction writing major with a minor in business management at Columbia College Chicago. She’s the Editor-in-Chief of The Lab Review and Hair Trigger 2.0, two Columbia College Chicago literary magazines. She’s also Assistant Editor and Contributing Writer for Comicsverse, where she talks about the latest in anime and manga.

Kristen Nichols – Managing Editor (Head Nonfiction Editor) is a junior at Columbia Colllege, majoring in Creative Nonfiction and minoring in Professional Writing. She is a former associate editor for Punctuate. A Nonfiction Magazine. When she’s not in the Pub Lab, she enjoys spending time wandering between shelves of books in libraries or along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Jeff Barbieri – Associate Editor (Nonfiction) is a first-year MFA student in the Creative Nonfiction program. He is a writer who extols the virtues of a healthy cynicism and a well-executed essay. His writing takes on various subjects, but tends to gravitate toward the curious collisions of the political and the personal. After receiving his BA in English from the University of Rhode Island in 2014 and trying his hand in political campaigning, technical writing, and social media, he is relieved and excited to have the opportunity to dive back into academia. In his spare time, he enjoys watching baseball, spinning vinyl, and bowling ten pin.

Shannon Barry – Associate Editor (Fiction)/Proofreader is a senior Creative Writing major at Columbia College Chicago from Kansas City, Missouri. After attending a small liberal arts university in southern Missouri for two years, Shannon transferred to Columbia to study fiction writing and live in the city her dad grew up in. Upon her graduation in the coming months, she hopes to work in publishing, conservation, or teaching, getting a dog of her own, and finding enough time to read all the books she’s accumulated throughout college.

Hayden Moseley – Associate Editor (Fiction)/Copyeditor is a senior Fiction Writing student at Columbia College Chicago. He enjoys writing realistic fiction in the YA category, and usually covers the topics of gender and sexuality due to being trans himself. When not writing, you can usually find them singing to themselves in Japanese or talking in funny voices into a microphone.

Anna Moritz – Contributing Editor is a senior at Columbia College Chicago studying Creative Writing and Biology. Currently, she works as a contributing editor for Columbia’s Publishing Lab and is a co-editor for The Lab Review. Immensely intrigued by the boundaries (or lack-thereof) between art and science, she strives to connect the two disciplines in her writing. Her work will be published in the forthcoming Hair Trigger 40.

Courtney Gilmore – Contributing Editor is a senior Creative Writing BFA student at Columbia College Chicago. She’s also president of Columbia’s genre creators club, Myth-Ink. She enjoys writing fantasy, YA, and historical fiction and can’t function without music playing through her earbuds.

Photo Credit © Anna Moritz