politics – fall 2016

Published on November 21st, 2016

Editor’s Note

At the beginning of the semester, our faculty advisor, Patty McNair, had the idea to run a politics-themed issue. Appropriate for the upcoming election, we said, though we were open to all  interpretations of the word – government, relationship, etc. Power struggles are everywhere, after all.

Initially, I worried we wouldn’t get a lot of interest in it. Not because people didn’t have things to say, but because, perhaps, they’d be too put off by the election train-wreck to put thoughts down in the first place. They created, though. They gave us powerful words and arresting images – and we at The Lab Review could not be more proud to share them after a tiring and hard-fought year.

This issue will take you through modern politics, relationship battles, social injustices, Prohibition, and, in the end, a ray of light, the title of which reminds us of what we can be in this time of uncertainty. We hope you feel something from the pieces you see. Most of all, we hope you use those emotions and channel them towards change.

Thank you to my fellow editors, John Stadelman, Nicole Macahon, Anna Mortiz, Celeste Paed, Kristen Nichols, Leah Boykin, and Kamesha Hayes, for their work on this issue.

Fight on,

Dahazee Flores



Zygosity by Stephen Michael Antieau

Power by Samuel DuBois

Air Conditioner by Samuel DuBois

Clouded by Clayton Crook

I Duly Tighten Your Necktie by Donna Nadira

Just Business by Delise Vann

Black Apples by Alexandra Dumas

37th & Winchester by Samuel DuBois

Rolling Color Blind Eyes by K. Nebula

Dance With Me by Courtney Gilmore

Election 2016 by Stephen Michael Antieau

Heroes by Samuel DuBois