The Lab Review is currently accepting submissions for volume 5!


All pieces must be sent to A cover letter and author bio (50-100 words) are REQUIRED. Please attach all documents separately. If you don’t know how to write a cover letter or bio, you can learn how by clicking here and here. Or you can stop by the Publishing Lab in 624 S Michigan Ave., Room 803B.

Title your documents as such: Genre of Piece_Title of Piece_First Initial, Last Name






Prose must be no more than 3,000 words as either a .doc or .docx file, formatted in William Shunn format.

Poets, Artists, and Photographers can submit up to 3 pieces per reading period.

Scripts (Film and Theatre) and comics/graphic novels must be no more than 10 pages.

Video and audio submissions must be formatted as either an .mp3, .mp4, .wav, or Quicktime file (up to 5 minutes)


Cover Art/Photo Contest

The Lab Review is also currently accepting art/illustration/photography for ALL volumes. The chosen cover image will also be featured inside the magazine.


Cover images for volumes 1-4 must reflect the context of the magazine. We highly encourage you to read or browse through the stories before submitting your images.

All images must fit into a 6x9in page. Images do not have to be exactly 6x9in as long as the focus of the image fits.

No words. Though, the Lab Review’s logo can be provided upon request.

No graphic scenes, depictions of sex, or violence.

You can submit up to three images.

Artist’s bio is required. If you need help on writing a bio, you can click this link here.

Title your documents as such: COVER_Title of Piece_First Name_Last Name

DEADLINE: November 1