Sea Monster Sweaters

Unlike our ruffian brothers,
we do not greet new friends with steel.
We greet our new pirate members
with jolly songs and homemade meals.

Though we are excellent with knots,
we prefer to knit comfy jumpers.
Everything from stripes to dots,
Tug one on and enjoy your slumber.

The brutes let their beards grow out,
long and bushy like fisher’s nets.
But we gather into a roundabout
and curl our locks into soft ringlets.

When sea monsters arise from the waters,
our brothers rush, eager, to the fight.
However, we found that really big sweaters
make sea monsters tear up in delight.

We’re not as rough as our brothers
and our ways may be strange.
We may not agree with one another,
but we won’t ask for the other to change.

Mikayla Caudill is a freshman at Columbia College and majors in Traditional Animation and minors in Fiction Writing. She was also a finalist at the 2017 Take One Film Fest. Mikayla is also the Secretary for the genre writing club, Myth-Ink. She enjoys anything to do with fantasy/science fiction and petting fluffy animals.

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