Body Meet

She asked, why
did the super moon
happen? Why does
the blood moon?

I shrugged. It’s just some shit
astronomers know.

When a body meet a body
coming through the sky.

When they orbit
without one touch.

Like all of us despite
our increasingly
innovative attempts,

animal, vegetable, mineral,
consensual, or other.

Stephen Michael Antieau graduated from the University of Illinois in 2007. It was a bumpy ride. Now, he is a brilliant dispatcher, a writer and author, a continuing student of history, a musician, an art collector, a heavy reader, a light runner, a feeder of squirrels, and a faithful if somewhat doubtful Chicagoan. His temperament has always been slow-to-warm-up, and that also happens to be an adequate description of his writing career. He is an MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago.

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