A Break-Up Sonnet from Enceladus

Hear me: your presence is undesir’d.
Stop sending transmissions into space.
Finally, our patience has expir’d.
We don’t wish to contact the human race.
Your leaders, idiotic, dang’rous fools,
Your disregard for climate change, absurd.
Our superior knowledge, you will lose.
Don’t beg for us; this is our final word!
We won’t return the cartoons that you sent;
We want back our meteors and dust.
The time for your repentance came and went.
The plate we got sits in our shed and rusts.
We both look up in longing at the sky,
But it would never work, and so, goodbye.

Rachel A. Schrock is a Comedy Writing and Performance major and aspiring Fiction minor at Columbia College Chicago. She lives in Edgewater, but her dog lives in northern Indiana. She is attempting to post weekly videos on her YouTube channel, youtube.com/Razmatini

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